We are stockists of the Flogas brand of LPG and have the full range of butane and propane cylinders as well as gas appliances and fittings. Whatever your bottled gas needs we should be able to help you.


Domestic butane: 11.34kg and 7kg cylinders

Industrial propane: 47kg, 34kg 10.89kg cylinders

Propane for patio heaters: 10.89kg cylinders with special fitting

Gas appliances and fittings

Various camping cylinders

Cartridges (camping gas type)


There are times when instant heat, in one or two rooms, is what you want, rather than activating your entire central heating system - this is where the SuperSer excels. Radiant and catalytic models are available. They're simple and very economical to use, either early in the morning or in a conservatory for example, heat is instantly available at the press of a button. The SUPERSER Catalytic burns without a flame, does not produce carbon monoxide and has lower touch temperatures - which means safe and economical heat at the touch of a fingertip! Both models are finished in a modern silver streamlined look and retain popular features such as easy-glide castors to help move effortlessly from room to room.


  • Gas Barbecues
  • Gas Patio Heaters
  • Gas Cookers
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