Solid Fuel


D BLEND CLEARFLAME - a blend of petcoke and ovoids. Available in 40kg bags.

M/F BLEND FLAMEBLEND - a blend of petcoke and union nuggets. Available in 20kg and 40kg bags.

OVOIDS Irish manufactured smokeless ovoids. A very clean fuel. Available in 40kg bags.

UNION NUGGETS Nuggets made from German Brown Coal. Very economical, lovely flame, great for keeping fire in when unattended. Always use spark guard. Available in 40kg bags.


BALES OF PEAT BRIQUETTES Traditional Bord na Mona bales produced from peat. Good for lighting the fire as well as burning on their own.

TRADITIONAL COUNTRY FUELS Sod turf and logs are available in quantities from handipacks up to bumper bags.

SUNDRIES We stock kindling sticks, firelighters and instant fires (firepaks).

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