Traditional logs are a form of biomass. They are a renewable fuel as distinct from fossil fuels, which add to the net carbon in the atmosphere. When trees are growing they absorb carbon. When they are burned the carbon is liberated so they have a net nil impact on the percentage of carbon in the atmosphere.

ECOLOGS In addition to traditional forest logs we offer firelogs made from processed wood ECOLOGS.
They are a very clean fuel and suitable for traditional grates.

 WOOD PELLETS & CHIP More efficient combustion can be achieved with a new generation of boilers and stoves designed to burn processed wood based fuels. We stock fuels for these specialised domestic and institutional stoves and boilers. Wood pellets are sold in bags. Wood Chip - email us for a quotation for a tipper load.

 If you are considering installing a specialised boiler to burn these processed fuels we can offer you a range of options. We especially recommend the Danish OP OP wood pellet boiler. We can also supply and install your chosen stove or boiler. We provide a complete service assembly of boiler, auger and hopper, supply & fit of flue, piping and plumbing fittings and ancillary works, teeing in to existing CH system to provide for dual fuelling where required plus final commissioning. We can supply a manufactured fuel storage silo or we can erect storage sheds or boilerhouses as needed. In other words we offer a complete service.

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